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It's A Beautiful World OST

2015-03-01 04:04:46 by Loathar

It's A Beautiful World

Album: It's A Beautiful World
Release Date: February 28, 2015
Tracks: 8



Free to download.


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2015-03-01 04:08:30

//downloading now

Loathar responds:

enjoy man, hope it inspires


2015-03-01 04:41:16

Downloading this was a good decision. Your music sets up its atmosphere so well... I love it.
I'm loving Vintage Piano :)

Loathar responds:

Appreciate it man


2015-03-01 23:57:45

that was really

i haven't heard anything like that in a while
reminds me of C418
and my own music, actually lol
though you're more..... better... lol
do you have other songs you've made up for download?

Loathar responds:

2012: https://faysalsultan.bandcamp.com/album/rapt-and-forlorn
I think the whole thing took me about a month or so to complete, 0 mixing involved.. A lot of the tracks clip.

2012: https://faysalsultan.bandcamp.com/album/lonstring
Classical, had no idea what I was doing in terms of midi orchestration but it sounded good anyway

2013: https://faysalsultan.bandcamp.com/album/lacuna
Started getting into mixing, still couldn't get the sound that I had in my head

Thanks for the compliments man, if you wanna talk about music in general(composing/mixing..etc)
hit me up here with a pm or on skype and I'll get back to you. I enjoy talking about these things.


2015-03-02 12:59:23

really enjoy this! my favorite is Lonstring though ≧◡≦ those orchestral parts~

Loathar responds:

I also think Lonstring's great :D thanks for listening